Omega Mikro and Clearview
Interconnects, speaker cables, power cords and accessories
by Ron Bauman of inSound Audio Inc and Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade.
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Stay tuned or call us for details on a new way to listen to your digital source material. We call it the MAXWELL in honor of James Clerk Maxwell whose work forms the foundation of our modern electronics industry.

Our feasibility model has already delivered music more like a live event than any other source, analog or digital, we have ever heard (save a 30 ips tape machine playing a master tape, but it's very close).

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to hear the MAXWELL.

Savannah Music Festival

MARCH 24–APRIL 9, 2016 

Our reference music hall for small classical ensembles is the TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH in Savannah GA. We attended last year and were blown away by the quality of the musicians and the natural acoustics of this church.
 Both absolutely beautiful.

 One of our customers lives a mile or so from the church and has graciously invited OMEGA MIKRO customers to come hear your favorite music in his all-out diffraction treated room on his all-OMEGA MIKRO system: Galileo CD player, V AMP, and BRASS 4-Ball Gallo Nuke Modded speakers and of course OMEGA MIKRO cables throughout. Please contact us to make an appointment and so that we can coordinate with the customer.
202 965 5320
(there is no charge for the listening session at our customer's house)

We're proud to announce the addition of new products to our lineup:
A new absolutely stunning 30 Watt Planar power Cord, an RCA plug upgrade for your interconnects that will knock your socks off, the new Planar Power Central Stratum II with Line Tamer,  the Power Clearview Stratum, a special announcement for Home Theater Enthusiasts,  balanced interconnects and Field-Shaping Ground Planes (FSGP)
Clearview Ultrathin Digital Ribbon interconnects (the best bargain in high end audio) and the Clearview Excalibur Digital Ribbon (the second best buy in high end audio)!
and introducing our new top-of-the-line !mpulse 200 Series

DIYers - we have transformers, chokes, copper ribbon, capacitors, inductors and RCA plugs and jacks

By popular demand all Omega Mikro and Clearview interconnects are now available in balanced configuration at no additional cost (these are considered custom items)!
We developed a purist balanced interconnect system that avoids the heavy dielectric cylinder used in all other XLR plugs. Early users have been blown away by the improvement they hear in transparency, purity, dynamics, sound stage focus and three dimensionality. Our balanced interconnects truly bring you closer to the sound of live music than any other balanced interconnects. They are custom products but priced the same as our regular interconnects. If you 'd like to convert your Omega Mikro or Clearview interconnect to balanced configuration please call us for pricing.

We recently replaced the Planar Analog I with the Planar Analog II. The AII includes a short, 300 mirco-inch series section  that gives more than a slight improvement in sound. The AII is priced the same as the AI.

  The new Tau Series AC plugs are in stock! Upgrade your current Omega Mikro Planar Power Cord for $120 (+s/h/i).
The new Impulse Series 200, 200 micro-inch ribbon is the next step to even more natural sound. Stay tuned as we prepare this astounding series for production (see Price List).  Beta customers are raving about this product.

We now offer a purist BNC to RCA Adapter for $85. When we say purist adapter that means air is the only dielectric we add. The adapter is silver/brass and comes in two easy -to-insert pieces. Please call us for details.

Many of our customers have wanted the benefit of the LINE TAMER (the one we use in our STRATUM II) as a stand-alone component. We now offer the LINE TAMER MODULE in its own enclosure for $700 with attached Omega Mikro Planar Power Cord. Just plug the 4.5 foot Planar Power Cord into any AC outlet, Power Central, or power strip that provides power to your HiFi components and you'll instantly hear more details and dynamics with blacker backgrounds.  Most effective when plugged into the same outlets as your amps. The effects are additive: If you already have a STRATUM II with LINE TAMER a LINE TAMER MODULE will provide even quieter, blacker backgrounds, reveal subtler details and improve dynamics. The LINE TAMER MODULE  truly allows your system to get you closer to the music.

Consignment Shop or Warehouse Specials last updated - 27 JANUARY 2016

Sidney Goldberg's Listening Room featuring Galileo CD Player, V Amp Mk VI, inSound/Oracle TT ,, Phet Phono Preamp, inSound/Gallo Nucleus 3-Ball Mods and all Omega Mikro cables.
State-of-the-art- listening

Omega Mikro and Clearview products are the result of a 26 year collaboration between
Ron Bauman of inSound Audio Inc and Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade Recordings. Omega Mikro products have earned the reputation as the best products available for reproducing the sound of live music.

Omega Mikro's line-up has products to meet every budget from our $5460 top-of-the-line Ebony Planar Speaker Cable (Positive Feedback On-Line Brutus award 2003) to our Clearview Ultrathin Digital Ribbon interconnect at $67.50. Each product is individually crafted by hand.

Your cables are as important to your audio system as your arteries and veins are to your body. They must sound completly clear for your system to sound as good as it can. To that end, all of our products share the same design philosophy and their sound shares a family trait: a transparency and live quality that our competition cannot match.

We have found that conventional measurements, like harmonic and intermodulation distortion and frequency response, do not correlate strongly with what we hear. So we developed careful listening test protocols, coupled with the latest knowledge from the fields of evolutionary neurology, the materials sciences and the physiology of hearing,  with our core expertize in electrical engineering and mathematics, to guide our product designs. And what we discovered is that fidelity in the time domain is critical to live- sounding music reproduction: and it is in the time domain where our products excel and why they bring you closer to the sound of live music!

We developed three processes to further enhance the sound of our cables and interconnects LCX (Lattice Crystal Alignment), Wave Treatment (WT) and PLUS versions for Clearview products. LCX is an extended immersion in a cryo refrigerator, with very precisely controlled temperature steps going down in temperature with equally controlled but different steps coming back to room temperature. After reaching room temperature we treat the cables and interconnects to a protocol of high energy electromagnetic pulses followed by a high flux magnetic field. These three processes significantly smooth the sound while bringing out the subtlest musical details. Many of our products come standard with the LCX treatment. Wave Treatment (WT) comprises the high energy electromagnetic pulse treatment followed by the high flux magnetic field but not the cryo immersion of the LCX process. The LCX treatment accelerates the break-in process so that treated products sound great right out of the box with only a small improvement over the first few hours of play.

The PLUS treatment, available only for Clearview products, is a shortened version of the cryo immersion process we developed for the LCX treatment. The PLUS treatment, after several hours of break-in, results in significant smoothing and detail retrieval compared to the same product not PLUS treated.

We focus exclusively on offering you the best sounding products at the lowest possible cost. We make every Omega Mikro and Clearview product one at a time by hand. Then we inspect and test each item and then we test again after  our PLUS, WT or LCX treatments. To keep the selling price as low as possible we use very simple and low cost packaging.

All of our standard (but not custom) products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

We have between us over 100 years experience in the hi fi business. We invite our customers to call us at 202 965 5320, 10AM to 8 PM EST daily, for advice in installing and using our products and for improving  the sound of their systems. If you plan to be in the Washington DC or Berkeley Springs WV areas we invite you to schedule an appointment to meet us and to hear our reference system now featuring our Galileo
reference CD player and 4-Ball time-coherent no-crossover reference speakers. Bring your favorite CD's.

All products  whether new, Consignmnet Shop or Warehouse items may be ordered by phone or email and paid for by check (5% discount on merchandise),  phoned-in credit card or through PayPal. PayPal has essentially replaced our shopping cart and is even more secure because you share your cc info with fewer entities.