Battery/network box mods

You can make a nice (almost free) upgrade to the sound of active Omega Mikro components by following these steps:

1. Obtain the smallest brass washers you can find and that will work with the surface beneath your box- you’ll need (3) for each battery/network box. Hardware stores usually stock #4 or #6 brass washers. Hobby stores may stock washers in the following sizes from largest to smallest #3, #2, O, OO, OOO and OOOO. Smaller is better but the smaller they are the harder they are to work with and anything smaller than 00 will require a very hard wood like Ebony to work right. The web has many sources for small washers. Pick the washers you’ll feel comfortable working with.

2. Glue three washers, using instant glue only, to the bottom of your battery/network box as shown in the diagram. Allow the instant glue to set for a few minutes then place your battery/network box on its three washers. Sounds best  if you place it on a solid hard wood surface.

3.  For every location there is an orientation that sounds best. You’ll have to experiment. Listen to a one-minute passage of music you’re familiar with. Turn the box around its vertical axis 90 degrees clockwise and listen again. Do this three times to find the best sounding orientation. Some customers report large gains, others small gains from this experiment.  We hear a subtle but noticeable improvement in background solidity and more subtle details are revealed.